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Group Insurance

Group Insurance allows for the creation of insurance policies designed specifically for companies, associations, and other organizations. Collective insurance is comprised of a multitude of products and must be carefully selected both by the group’s administrators and a specialized consultant in the field of collective insurance in order to efficiently serve the group. Here is a list of the most popular insurance products:


Travel Insurance covers emergency medical expenses incurred when travelling out of the province of residency. It covers hospital, medical, surgical expenses, to name a few.

Dental care

Dental Insurance provides reimbursement of dental expenses. It can cover various forms of treatments: preventive, standard, major or orthodontic.

Critical illness

Critical Illness insurance provides compensation when you become critically ill. The lump sum payment can be used however you see fit. The products vary according to each insurance company, either in the types of illnesses covered, their definitions and other guarantees.


At the time of death, the life insurance policy will guarantee payment of assets to one’s beneficiaries. It is offered with a choice of fixed annuities or multiples of one’s annual salary.

Short or long-term disability

Short or long-term protection policies guarantee the equivalent of one’s regular income in cases of disability.

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

The Guarantee in case of death or accidental mutilation offers additional financial security when either death or mutilation occurs as a result of an accident.

This form of protection provides reimbursement of expenses related to medication; hospitalization; ambulance transportation; medical expenses; paramedical treatments (chiropractor, massage therapist, psychologist) or eye-care treatments; expenses related to an emergency which occurs out of the province of residency, and other. The products vary according to each insurance company.


Corporate Insurance

With the assistance of fiscal and financial planning professionals, Botica offers personalized solutions for your corporate needs. We have enumerated just a few, however there exists several varieties:

Corporate buyout

Plan the continuance of a corporation in case of a shareholder’s death, illness or disability through a buy-sell agreement funded with corporate-owned life insurance policies.

Key person

Using corporate owned insurance, protect a corporation against financial losses due to death or illness of a key employee.

Split dollar

Sharing ownership of an insurance policy to offer various benefits to both employer and employee.

Capital gains tax minimizer

A Universal Life Policy used in an elaborate method to reduce the value of a corporation before taxes are due, hence reducing tax liability due on death.

Corporate insured annuity

Annuity and Insurance products combined in a specific corporate structure, swapping taxable assets into tax-free assets for the estate.

Maximizing the estate

Structure an insurance policy to be paid with corporate dollars, allowing proceeds to be distributed tax-free to the estate.

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