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Experts in personalized financial solutions, Botica Financial Group is comprised of a team of devoted professionals, including actuaries, tax specialists, accountants and financial planners, that have developed a sought-after expertise in the field of tax and estate planning.

Whether you are a wealthy client, an employer, a professional or not, our experts will offer customized solutions to fit your needs.


Protection in Case of Premature Death

Your family’s financial future could be in peril if you are struck by disability, critical illness or in the case of death.

Make sure that you have the sufficient funds to pay for expenses related to funeral costs, personal debts, income tax, an emergency fund for unexpected expenses; an education fund for your children, and the replacement of future assets.

Your family’s financial future could be in peril if you are struck by disability, critical illness or in the case of death.


Minimizing Tax on Revenues

Specific regulations need to be respected in the case of an investor’s death. The government will consider that you have sold all your capital assets immediately before your death and any capital gains/losses will be crystallized. The value of your RRSP and other investment policies which benefit from fiscal advantages are also calculated in your final income.

Your death can therefore create a major fiscal debt. The Protection from debts on taxable capital gains is an important facet of your financial plan. If you own property in countries (i.e The United States) where taxation on estate or the right to acquire a deceased individual’s assets are existing factors, you might want to consider special planning.

Any taxation that would otherwise be paid after your death can be differed if the taxable asset is transferred to the surviving spouse. Liabilities on capital assets is thus differed until the spouse sells the asset or receives the value of the asset or until his or death. Only at that moment, is taxation imposed.

At the time of your death, your heirs will take advantage of tax-free capital gains to reduce or eliminate taxation in cases of presumable sale of certain assets at the time of death, such as shares or an agricultural asset. However, it is often preferable to possess a life insurance policy to face major fiscal debts as a result of your death or that of your spouse’s.


Capital Gains Tax Protection

Whatever the case might be, behind the maximization of your asset’s cash value lies a fiscal obligation. In fact, if you die or sell the shares of your company or for every family cottage or work of art sold, you must pay income tax on the capital gain. This gain corresponds to the difference between the asset’s true value and your initial investment.

One of the rules of estate planning is to make sure that your beneficiaries will have sufficient income to cover taxation on capital gains. In order to provide this, the most popular method is to adhere to an individual or corporate insurance policy.

Employers have the possibility to take out an insurance policy through their firm and use its funds to cover the premiums. At the death of the employer, the firm obtains the insurance policy’s tax-free death capital. It can choose to allocate theses sums in tax-free dividends to its shareholders, in order for them to buy out the shares of the deceased individual’s beneficiaries.

There exists several methods to minimizing taxation on capital gains. Such as devising an individual insurance policy in order to reduce the firm’s cash value prior to the taxation due date, thus reducing the amount of taxation at the time of death.


Estate Maximizer

Plan your financial affairs in order to optimize income or capital surplus to maximize the cash value after taxation of your permanent savings for the benefit of future generations. Why expose your savings to annual taxation, which reduces the cash value of the assets that you are setting aside for your heirs, when instead, you can invest your savings in an individual insurance policy. You immediately augment the cash value of your heritage as well as the buy-out value which flourishes tax-free.

At the time of death, the policy’s insured sums are distributed on a tax-free basis to your heirs. That way, your savings which would normally be taxable are tax-sheltered, while maximizing the heritage transferred to your heirs at the time of your death.

The concept is also useful for a firm, for a company can take out a policy on its employer’s lifetime to minimize taxation on investment and obtain the deceased’s benefits tax-free.


Alternative Compensation Strategies for Shareholders

Maximize the shareholders’ heritage by offering an alternative to the traditional bonus payments.


Corporate insured annuity

Annuity and Insurance products combined in a specific corporate structure, swapping taxable assets into tax-free assets for the estate.

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