Many people take the time to insure their home, car and personal belongings, but do they think about insuring what is most valuable to them, their life and health? The future of their families?

At death, you must make sure to have sufficient funds to pay expenses related to the death, such as:

  • personal debt;
  • the funeral expenses;
  • tax;
  • an emergency fund for unexpected expenses;
  • an education fund for your children; and
  • replacement of your future earnings.

Similarly, your future earnings could be greatly reduced or lost if you have a disability or a serious illness. Not only will your family have to worry about the above expenditure but also of the costs of care you may need. Disability insurance and critical illness insurance are necessary solutions.

Insurance has the advantage of adapting to your particular needs. In addition, life insurance provides your heirs tax free amounts that can protect against creditors, probate fees and other costs of administration of an estate.

The Botica Financial Group offers a full range of personal insurance products. Depending on your personal needs, family, economic and tax advisor will guide you in order to offer the best product available on the Canadian market.

… Permanent Life Insurance …

Universal life

Universal life insurance provides lifetime protection, together with investment accounts with tax shelter. It is a flexible policy that can be customized to customer requirements.

Entire life

Whole life insurance provides lifetime protection, with or without participation (dividend). The products vary according to the insurance company chosen, varying the guarantee premiums, death and other capital.

Term Life Insurance …

Term life insurance provides protection for a limited period and only pay benefits if the death of the insured occurs during this period. There are several types of term insurance, among other renewable or non-renewable; without evidence of insurability convertible or non-convertible; varied selection of the insurance period.

… Insurance against serious diseases

Insurance against serious diseases provides for the payment of compensation when you are suffering from a serious illness. This is a benefit payable during your lifetime. No approval is required for expenses, no receipt must be produced, the funds can be used for anything other than pay the medical expenses. The compensation usually paid in lump sum can be used as you wish. The products vary according to the insurance company chosen, varying on diseases covered, their definitions and other guarantees.

… Insurance long term care …

The assurance of long-term care provides the services and support necessary to maintain your daily activities if a chronic illness or cognitive impairment prevented you take care of yourself. It is therefore important to consider the potential need for long term care in planning your retirement.

Disability Insurance …

Disability insurance provides financial security when you become disabled and can not work or earn income due to accident or illness. There are several types of disability insurance, including temporary or permanent, with delivery of short or long term, for the total or partial disability. The products vary according to the insurance company chosen, varying on definitions and other.