Serge Assayag, President, Actuary:

President of Botica Financial Group since 1997, Mr. Assayag has developed extensive expertise in estate, tax and corporate financial planning. He is often called upon by various professionals for his independent opinion, advice and solutions for complicated financial planning situations. Mr. Assayag is an Actuary and holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences from the University of Montreal. Prior to joining Botica, he spent seven years working as a pricing and marketing actuary and as Vice-President of sales amongst leading insurance companies. In these capacities, he developed new insurance products, innovative sales concepts, and acquired a broad proficiency in training sales force personnel.

Claude Attard, Vice President, Investments and Financial Planning:

Mr. Attard joined Botica Financial Group in 2001. With over 20 years of experience in the field of managing client investment portfolios, his main goal is to build and manage retirement portfolios for high net worth families. Mr. Attard holds a Bachelor in Sciences from McGill University, as well as graduate studies in accountancy and Financial Planning (CFP trademark). He frequently gives seminars to individuals and corporate clients on the complexities of Financial planning. In a fast moving and quickly changing economic environment, Mr. Attard finds the best investment, tax, cash flow and estate planning solutions for his clients by working closely with some of the top investment porfolio managers in Canada.

Joanne Provost, Fin.Pl., Vice President, Sales and Operations:

Ms. Provost joined Botica Financial Group in 1990 and is responsible for advisors development and support. Her extensive knowledge of the industry’s products and concepts enables her to guide and assist advisors in their sales process. She analyzes products and concepts to fit specific client needs and upholds awareness of new market trends. Prior to joining Botica she occupied several head office positions amongst leading insurance companies.